Lady GaGa goes futuristic with an Incredible new look vs

Lady Gaga certainly has some outrageous costumes both on and off stage, but her latest outfit seems rather incredible.

After leaving the stage last night at the O2 Arena, she slipped into something which looked straight out of Disney film The Incredibles.

The oddball singer’s outfit was complete with a futuristic visor and even had a camera on her shoulder so that she could personally film the paparazzi.

Futuristic: Lady GaGa dons an outfit remarkably similar to the costumes worn by the superhero family The Incredibles as she leaves The O2 Arena last night

The red long-sleeved top was complete with black PVC trimmings – strategically place, and she teamed the look with ripped fishnet тιԍнтs.

She looked spookily similar to Elastigirl – the wife of  Mr Incredible in the 2004 Disney/Pixar movie.

GaGa, real name Joanne Stefani Germanotta, was on her way back to her H๏τel after a sell out night in London.

PVC: Both GaGa and Elastigirl have a similar taste in fashion

On camera: Recording the paparazzi

Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding, Sharon Osbourne, Kate Moss and her parents were all there to watch her show with its unique costume changes.

Among the designs was a  sparkling leotard with a flame-thrower om her groin.

She also donned a heavy-looking furry costume, which ensured the show lived up to its ‘Monster Ball’ theme.

She referred to the audience as ‘little monsters’ as she performed the show.

Other costumes included a nun’s wimple, PVC black mask and a huge outfit which appeared to look like a snowflake.

On her way back to the H๏τel, GaGa tweeted to her fans.

The Bad Romance singer wrote: ‘What a f*****g night. Sweating, pumping, dancing, mental human beings my fans are.

‘Paws for miles and liquor. Freedom! Ill never leave u!’

Sparkling: The singer surprises fans with her fiery costumes

Monster Ball: The costumes live up to the tour’s тιтle

The gig comes after an exhausting week of gigs in the UK for her Monster Ball tour.


But living up to her true GaGa style, when off stage, she has been wearing even more outlandish outfits.

On Thursday, the American pop star arrived for dinner on a night off from her tour wearing an even more outlandish outfit than her usual stage attire.

Snowflake: GaGa manages to walk in this other-worldly creation

Unusual: All GaGa’s costumes had an inventive touch

Unfortunately, her devilish, horned headpiece had the effect of making her look as though she was wearing antlers.

But fashion experts suggested it was a tribute to late designer Alexander McQueen.

One of his last collections was called Horn of Plenty.

Models walked the catwalk with their hair sculpted into horns as they showed off the creations last year, in a show dedicated to McQueen’s mother Joyce.

She died days before he took his own life earlier this month.

Devilish lady: Lady GaGa showed off her unusual horned headgear as she arrives at the Mandarin Oriental in London on Thursday night

Work clothes: Lady GaGa leaving her London H๏τel yesterday as she heads off to the O2 Arena

Handle with care: An ᴀssistant carries GaGa’s horns to the car

Gaga, 23, was said to be devastated by his death and dedicated her performance at the Brit Awards to him last week.

She was unable to attend his funeral in London on Thursday, however, because she was performing in Liverpool the night before.

Her look certainly divides opinion.

This week she picked up gongs for both best-dressed and worst-dressed at the Shockwaves NME Awards, run by the rock magazine.

GaGa’s £1million nine-date UK tour kicked off in Manchester last week and has been wowing the critics with her show-stopping extravaganza.

As expected, the New Yorker has worn a series of dramatic outfits and performed on stage with a burning grand piano, an armoured Rolls Royce and a 40-foot animatronic sea monster.


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